7 Things About Bladder Cancer You Didn't Know

7 Things About Bladder Cancer You Didn’t Know

Bladder cancer is characterized by the growth of an abnormal tissue in the lining of your urinary bladder. It starts when the cells in your urinary bladder start growing uncontrollably. As the cancer cells start developing, they might take the shape of a tumor and spread to other parts of your body. As the cancer eventually grows through the layers of your bladder walls, it becomes advanced and more difficult to treat. If not treated in due time, the cancer might even grow outside your bladder and spread to the nearby muscles. Blood in your urine, pain while urinating, constant urge for urination, fatigue, and abdominal pain, are some of the most common symptoms of this cancer. In the following section, we will give you a detailed insight on bladder cancer, its causes, symptoms and thefacts that you should know about it.

2Non-invasive and invasive bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is usually treated at the non-invasive stage, or the early stage, where the carcinogenic cells are found only in the bladder surface and when they haven’t spread elsewhere. The cancer takes a bigger shape in the invasive stage, where it spreads deeper to the bladder. In this stage, it might also spread to the adjoining organs from the wall of the bladder.